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Lmaooooooo #chickfila #trolling #christian #gays

Wife sent this me earlier… can’t wait to see my 3 girls ♡ ;+)

#TBT June 8th, 1983 spitting image of ♡♡♡ Amina ♡♡♡ ;+)

What song is this? I need to know ASAP. Hottest song I’ve heard in a while. ;+)

She sleepy ♡ (at Applebee’s | TINTON FALLS)

♡♡♡ Amina ♡♡♡

Before leaving for work this morning, I caught a quick shot of my princess. Looking cute with her pink and green ♡♡♡ #AKA

Amiel getting his praise on. ;+)

Feeding Princess Amina.. ;+) ♡

Hanging out with my little cousin Carson. Watch your daughters. ;+)