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♡♡♡ Amina ♡♡♡ #church is finally wrapping up (at Jumping Brook Country Club)

My baby girl is praising the Lord early. ;+)

The wife was ready ;+P

The thirst is real. ;+D

The faces of hunger ;+D #church #cookout #freefood


God bless him.

(via malaikass)

Wifey sent me this picture this morning. My little princess is all dolled up for church while I’m stuck at work. -__- #princessamina

Lmaoooo (at Rainforest Cafe Menlo Park Mall)

My baby girl was a little scared if the snake. LoL (at Rainforest Cafe Menlo Park Mall)

Dominican beer.. Dominican bartenders… ;+) #presidente (at Perth Amb0y)